Experience the miracle and begin your excursion into the core of Pakistan’s colder time of year engage. Wrap up and prepare yourself for a remarkable winter experience from blanketed scenes to the glow of local people. These locations feature the assorted magnificence of the country. Attributable to the different levels in height, Pakistan offers differentiating environments, from searing deserts to transcending Himalayan pinnacles. As temperatures decrease, these places change into entrancing winter fantasy land, hung in snow. Whether enamored by the frigid scenes or individuals’ neighborliness, investigating these objections will give you a recently discovered appreciation for the virus.

Here is the rundown of 20 virus places in Pakistan.

1. Skardu

At the first place on the list of the coldest places in Pakistan is Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan. Skardu is known as the ‘Climbers Heaven’. It is a number one for vacationers, both nearby and global. Skardu is renowned for its dazzling mountains, quiet lakes, traveling, and experience spots. This is the place to be if you want to feel really cold. Skardu transforms into a snowy wonderland when temperatures hover around -10 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for travelers who appreciate tranquil scenery and exciting adventures. It is a colder time of year sports heaven with skiing, snowboarding, and frozen lakes.

Beauty of Skardu Valley: A Complete Travel Guide 2023
Skardu Valley

Whether you are after harmony or fervor, Skardu offers an extraordinary winter experience. Arranged close to K2, it draws in worldwide explorers and keeps a steady temperature scope of – 10 to – 20 degrees Celsius.
Best opportunity to visit: June to September

2. Murree

Murree is a famous slope station and second on the top rundown of cold places in Pakistan. Murree is known for its grand excellence and wonderful climate. Murree draws in vacationers consistently. The town is blanketed in snow in the winter, creating a peaceful and inviting landscape.

Best Places to Visit in Murree 2024 | Beautiful & Famous Tourist Attractions

The Shopping center Street, Pindi Point, and Kashmir Point are probably the most famous must-visit places in Murree. Experience searchers can appreciate exercises like skiing and snow tubing. With its enchanting feeling and cold environment, Murree is a superb objective for those looking for a break from the intensity.

Best chance to visit: September to November

3. Naltar Valley

An unlikely treasure among the virus places in Pakistan, Naltar Valley is famous for its entrancing excellence and cold scenes. It is situated close to Gilgit and is a heaven for nature sweethearts and experience admirers. During winter, Naltar changes into a frigid safe house, drawing in guests with its captivating landscape.


Snowball battles are well known exercises in this valley while the vivid Naltar Lakes add to the visual scene. For a cold getaway loaded up with striking vistas, Naltar Valley is a must-visit objective for winter darlings.

Best chance to visit: May to October

4. Shogran

Shogran is a spellbinding slope station offering an ideal mix of harmony and winter fascinate. It is arranged in the Kaghan Valley. The snow-clad pine timberlands and all encompassing perspectives make it a tranquil retreat. Guests can take part in snow exercises like tubing and skiing, or basically partake in the serene environmental factors.

Shogran Siri Paye 2023

With temperatures drifting around – 5 to 5 degrees Celsius during winter, Shogran’s cool environment and beautiful scenes make it an optimal location for a comfortable winter escape.

When is best to visit: June to August

5. Swat Valley

At the point when we discuss the coldest places in Pakistan, Swat is the name that is to us. It is frequently called the “Switzerland of Pakistan”. In winter, this valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa turns into a blanketed fairyland, encompassed by green slopes and mountains.


It is a top place of interest in the north, known for its notable destinations, gleaming lakes, and lovely towns. The temperature in winter goes down to 4 degrees Celsius, making it a piece crisp yet ideal for investigating Swat’s magnificence and history. In this way, assuming you like frigid scenes and undertakings, Swat is the place to be.

Best chance to visit: October and November

6. Gilgit

Gilgit is a cool place in Pakistan situated in the Himalayas. It has large mountains and pleasant, cold weather. Gilgit takes on a snowy appearance in the winter. There is a stream called the Gilgit Waterway that moves through the town, making it considerably more gorgeous.

Top 5 Lakes in Hunza Gilgit Baltsitan
Gilgit Baltsitan

You can partake in the chilly climate, see old places, and find out about the cool culture. On the off chance that you like snow or need an experience, Gilgit is an extraordinary place to visit in winter. Ideal for individuals appreciate serene places or need to investigate something previously unheard-of.

When is best to visit: May to September

7. Astore Valley

Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan is another cool place. This Valley isn’t extremely popular, however it is really cold. In winter, it gets heaps of snow, up to 2-3 feet down, and the temperature goes down to – 16 degrees. Astore is turning out to be more famous of late. It is en route to Deosai Fields, a high cold level.

Astore Valley 2024
Astore Valley 2024

Nature darlings and experience fans love Astore in light of the fact that you can go snow journeying, setting up camp, and skiing there. Along these lines, assuming you like virus places with bunches of snow and fun exercises, Astore is an astounding place to look at.

Best opportunity to visit: October to April

8. Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley resembles a piece of paradise in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is encircled by the enormous Himalayas and the astonishing Karakoram mountains, making it very lovely. Everything is covered in snow when it gets really cold, around -11 degrees Celsius. The fields, old fortresses, and the Hunza Waterway look much more astounding with a layer of snow.

Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley

Individuals love to visit Hunza in light of the fact that it has a rich history, cordial local people, and shocking perspectives. Whether you’re from around here or from another country, Hunza Valley is an exceptional place that everybody needs to see.

When is best to visit: May to September

9. Quetta

Quetta is a unique Pakistani city. It is encircled by mountains and gets very chilly in winter. At times it even snows. The Hanna Lake and Hazarganji Chiltan Public Park are cool places to visit, particularly when it is crisp. Quetta has well disposed individuals and a blend of various societies. In Quetta, during winter, the temperature can decrease a lot, going from around 0 to 10 degrees Celsius.


It is to be expected for it to go underneath freezing, particularly during the coldest pieces of the time. Assuming you go in winter, you can partake in the chilly climate and see the city in an unexpected way. It is an extraordinary and intriguing place with parcels to investigate.

Best chance to visit: September to February

10. Kalam

Kalam in Swat Valley is a wonderful place in Pakistan. It has astonishing mountains and green valleys. In winter, everything gets shrouded in snow, making it look much more amazing.


Explore a large lake known as Mahodand Lake and a cool forest. Kalam is the ideal location if you prefer tranquil settings with abundant natural beauty. It is perfect for strolling around, partaking in the blanketed perspectives, and simply unwinding.

Best opportunity to visit: April to October

11. Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley in Pakistan resembles a lovely work of art with high mountains, green fields, and streaming waterways. In winter, everything turns blanketed and looks considerably more otherworldly. There is a well known place called Naran and a cool lake called Saif-ul-Mulook that everybody loves to visit.

Kaghan Valley
Kaghan Valley

Assuming that you appreciate playing in the snow or going on frigid experiences, Kaghan Valley is awesome. It is a piece cool, however the perspectives are astounding.

Best opportunity to visit: May to September

12. Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is a famous place of interest known for its wonderful mountains and extraordinary skiing. It is near the Hindu Kush mountains in the Swat Valley. In summer, it is around 31 degrees Celsius, and in winter, it gets as low as 11 degrees Celsius.

Malam Jabba
Malam Jabba

This implies you can visit at whatever point you like, contingent upon whether you lean toward warm or chilly climate. Malam Jabba is a cool place for individuals who appreciate journeying and dazzling mountain sees.

Best chance to visit: April to October

13. Chitral

Chitral is a well known and charming place in the northern piece of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, arranged along the Chitral Waterway. It additionally fills in as the capital of the Chitral Area and is known for being perhaps of the coldest place in Pakistan. Individuals love Chitral for its fascinating society, amicable cordiality, and wonderful customary apparel. With a set of experiences following back to old Greek human progress, Chitral has an extraordinary beguile with little houses based on slopes, giving it a comfortable town feel. In the event that you are into history, culture, and cool spots, Chitral is an extraordinary objective to investigate.

chitral valley
chitral valley

Best opportunity to visit: January through December 14 The Ayun Valley is a peaceful and beautiful region in Pakistan. It is in the Chitral Area and is known for its staggering nature, similar to green slopes and mountains. In winter, the valley gets shrouded in snow, making it seem to be a supernatural winter wonderland. Individuals who love nature and quiet places appreciate visiting Ayun Valley. Ayun Valley is ideal for an unwinding and reviving escape. In the event that you like the plant life, spring and summer are extraordinary times to visit, however assuming that you favor a cold encounter, winter is the best opportunity to go.

Best time to visit: April to November

15. Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is one of the coldest places in Pakistan, tucked away in Chitral. In winter, the valley becomes a snowy wonderland, inviting adventure and enchantment. With its rich culture and beautiful winter scenery, Kalash Valley offers an unforgettable experience.

Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley

In winter, temperatures drop to a chilly -5 degrees Celsius, turning the three remote valleys inhabited by the Kalash people into a snowy paradise. It’s a place of frozen beauty and traditions, making Kalash Valley a captivating destination.

When is best to visit: June to August

16. Khaplu valley 

Khaplu valley 2023
Khaplu valley 2024

Khaplu is a beautiful town in the Ghanche Region of Gilgit-Baltistan, frequently alluded to as an unlikely treasure. It is along the Shyok River and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. In winter, Khaplu encounters a temperature decrease, and the scene changes into a frigid heaven. The noteworthy Khaplu Post and the picturesque magnificence of the encompassing mountains make it a charming objective for those looking for both culture and normal marvels. The tranquil atmosphere and crisp weather conditions make Khaplu an optimal winter objective.

When is best to visit: September to November

17. Ziarat

Ziarat is a charming hill station in Balochistan that is well-known for its pleasant weather and juniper forests. In winter, Ziarat turns into a cool sanctuary with temperatures decreasing impressively. The notorious Quaid-e-Azam Residency, where Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent his last days, is a significant fascination.


The encompassing slopes and timberlands are canvassed in snow, making a quiet environment. Ziarat offers an interesting winter insight, with open doors for climbing, traveling, and partaking in the peaceful environmental factors.

When is best to visit: Over time

18. Phander

Phander is a lovely valley situated in the Ghizer Region of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is prestigious for its flawless lake, Phander Lake, encompassed by snow-covered mountains. In winter, the valley encounters weighty snowfall, transforming it into a colder time of year wonderland.


The frozen lake and the snow-shrouded scene make Phander a hypnotizing objective for nature darlings and picture takers. Visitors can take in the tranquility of the snowy surroundings at this serene retreat.

When is best to visit: July and August

19. Shimshal Valley

In the Karakoram Range, Shimshal Valley is a stunning and remote valley. Known for its high mountain pinnacles and icy masses, Shimshal turns into a difficult yet compensating objective in winter. The valley stays canvassed in snow, offering an immaculate and immaculate winter scene.

Shimshal Valley
Shimshal Valley

Experience lovers can investigate snow-covered trails and experience the excitement of winter journeying. Shimshal Valley gives a novel winter experience to those looking for fervor.

When is best to visit: May through August

20. Deosai Public Park

Deosai Public Park is a high-elevation level in Gilgit-Baltistan, frequently alluded to as the “Place that is known for Goliaths”. Deosai encounters outrageous cold temperatures and weighty snowfall. The tremendous fields and snow-covered scenes make a dreamlike winter setting.

Deosai National Park 2023

The recreation area is home to assorted natural life, including the Himalayan earthy colored bear. In winter you can appreciate snow traveling and witness the magnificence of the frozen Sheosar Lake. Deosai Public Park offers a stand-out winter insight for the people who value the crude magnificence of nature.

When is best to visit: June to September


Cold place in Pakistan coaxes with an enthralling mix of frigid scenes and social lavishness. From the entrancing levels of Skardu to the quiet valleys of Chitral, these objections guarantee a colder time of year experience loaded up with normal ponders and warm friendliness. Investigate the assorted excellence, and let the virus spots of Pakistan make a permanent imprint on your movement recollections.


Which are the coldest places in Pakistan?

Probably the coldest places in Pakistan incorporate Skardu, Murree, Naltar Valley, Astore Valley, and Deosai Public Park. These districts, arranged in the northern regions, experience low temperatures, particularly throughout the colder time of year season.

Which is the best virus place?

Deciding the “best” chilly put is abstract and relies upon individual inclinations. Due to its stunning landscapes, adventure opportunities, and cultural diversity, Skardu is frequently ranked among the best. Other eminent objections like Murree, Hunza Valley, and Swat Valley are additionally famous for their interesting charms.

Which city has the hottest day?

Among the urban areas in Pakistan, Quetta is known for encountering the absolute most minimal temperatures, especially during winter. The city, situated in Balochistan, can observer temperatures dipping under freezing, with chilly climate and periodic snowfall.

Which is the coldest vacationer location?

Deosai Public Park is one of the coldest traveler objections in Pakistan. Arranged at a high height, the recreation area encounters outrageous cold temperatures and weighty snowfall during winter, making an extraordinary and testing yet stunning winter objective for experience lovers.