Seeing magnificent slot canyons in the Navajo Nation takes some planning. A permit and a tour guide are required to explore this special place. Several authorized tour operators lead small groups to the canyons and share their knowledge about the area’s history and geology. Most visitors choose the Upper Antelope Canyon tours to see taller canyon walls streaked with sunlight. The Lower Antelope Canyon tours are equally impressive, immersing visitors in the swirling embrace of sandstone walls.

For Photographers

Antelope Canyon is one of the most photographed destinations in the Southwest. Guided tours are offered year-round, but photographers time their visits to arrive at the canyon midday March through October. That’s when the position of the sun creates light shafts that reach the canyon floor and illuminate pink, orange, and gold patterns on the canyon walls. Winter colors are more muted but no less spectacular. Upper Antelope Canyon offers photography tours with limited participants so groups can take more time setting up and capturing the perfect shots.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

For Hikers

While the terrain in the area is mostly flat, sand and sandstone surfaces make hiking more difficult than expected. Upper Antelope Canyon is the easier section to navigate, with ground-level entry to the slot canyons. Upon exiting the canyon, visitors take a 20-minute trek on sandy trails back to the parking area. Lower Antelope Canyon takes more stamina to explore, requiring a longer hike to reach the canyons and several stairways and ladders to get into the dramatic rock formations. Experienced hikers can get more trail time on the Page Rimview Trail, which runs nearly 10 miles and passes dramatic viewpoints overlooking the canyonlands plus Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

Spend the Night

Most visitors to Antelope Canyon make the city of Page the home base for multiple excursions to the geologic wonders of the Navajo Nation. Along with the area’s slot canyons, Horseshoe Bend and Vermillion Cliffs offer astonishing photo ops. For those traveling in RVs, Antelope Point Marina located on the Arizona side of Lake Powell has more than 100 sites with full hookups and offers a scenic respite after a day spent exploring the area’s spectacular natural beauty. The marina is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Park and fees apply.


Pronghorn Ravine is a stunning demonstration of the miracles of nature, offering guests a brief look into the striking powers that have molded our planet for more than a huge number of years. Its unpredictably cut sandstone walls and enthralling light shafts give a tangible encounter like no other, having a permanent impact on all who adventure inside its profundities.

As we consider the set of experiences and meaning of Pronghorn Ravine, obviously its excellence isn’t simply shallow; it fills in as a sign of the significance of saving our regular scenes for people in the future. By wondering about the magnificence of Gazelle Gully, we are motivated to value and safeguard our planet’s fortunes, guaranteeing that they persevere into the indefinite future.

Whether you’ve had the honor of investigating Gazelle Gulch firsthand or have just appreciated it from a far distance, its charm is obvious. It coaxes us to stop, to appreciate, and to interface with the significant powers that have molded our reality. Pronghorn Ravine is nature’s show-stopper uncovered — an immortal miracle that proceeds to enamor and motivate all who experience its excellence.