With staged shootouts, wooden sidewalks, and a bounty of free-ranging burros, this small town’s rich Wild West history comes to life in the rugged and remote wilderness of Arizona. From the start, the wild burros of Oatman appear to capture everyone’s attention except dig a piece further and you’ll find the town’s unruly mining history and an energetic central avenue that plays host to different occasions consistently.

Oatman is best known for its beloved burros, which are miniature donkeys derived from miners’ burdensome beasts. The town is home to additional burros than individuals, and it’s typical to see many jackasses in Oatman meandering the fundamental drag, staying their heads through the rails along the wood-board walkways, bumping individuals for treats and in any case pleasing guests. Oatman now hosts an annual Burro Biscuit Toss, in which locals and tourists compete to see who can throw a dried-out, gold-painted burro the farthest. The burro has become so integral to the town’s identity.

Oatman, Arizona
Oatman, Arizona

Get your adrenaline pumping: A section of Route 66 runs right through the middle of Oatman. This famous road was the main highway route across the United States from the 1920s to the 1950s. Because the Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters hold two free shows each day, you should make it a point to explore the road in the afternoon. The cordial entertainers request that the group assemble around in the road while they showcase a heist, complete with clearly gunfire spaces. What’s more, remember to get a gift or two — from biker stuff and mining memorabilia to jackass manikins and Southwestern workmanship, you can track down everything in the shops that line the town’s principal drag.

Add a dollar

History buffs can realize about Oatman’s mining blast days at the Oatman Lodging (previously the Durlin). The noteworthy inn today houses a bar and café on the ground level and an exhibition hall on the subsequent floor — including the Clark Peak/Carole Lombard wedding trip suite. Supporters have put one-dollar greenbacks on the cantina’s walls and roof for quite a long time, a practice that go on today.

Into nature

With the Dark Mountains rising surrounding it, Oatman is encircled by sharp-toothed edges and restricting stone arrangements. On the off chance that you steer Highway 66 in one or the other heading from town, you’ll be welcomed by a plenty of supernatural perspectives — watch for Thimble Mountain toward the west and Elephant’s Tooth toward the east. Assuming have opportunity and willpower to wander considerably farther abroad, proceed with south on Highway 66 for another 25 miles or something like that. The drive will take you through Joshua tree-dabbed edges and needle-beat tops prior to showing up at the muddy banks of the Colorado Stream.


In outline, Oatman, Arizona, is a charming town saturated with Wild West history and encircled by shocking regular scenes. Home to additional burros than individuals, Oatman delights guests with its yearly Burro Bread roll Throw and everyday shows by the Oatman Apparition Rider Gun slingers along Highway 66. History buffs can investigate the Oatman Inn, when a center during the mining blast, while nature devotees can wonder about the rough excellence of the Dim Mountains. With its mix of history, diversion, and grand vistas, Oatman guarantees a one of a kind and essential experience for all who visit. If you wanna visit more places visit our website