There are numerous fabulous ways of expenditure a week or occasion regardless of where you are. Each spot has its own arrangement of interesting exercises, yet something pretty much every area offers is an amusement park or a phenomenal carnival. Furthermore, when they say it is a decent end of the week escape for the entire family, it isn’t just to inspire you to burn through cash, yet it is valid considering the quantity of exercises and feeling presented there.

Pakistan has forever been an outstanding traveler focal point for individuals all over the planet. In the previous 10 years, many energizing and outwardly satisfying amusement parks have been created in the country, like Joyland Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Rawalpindi is renowned for its different culture and scrumptious cooking and on the grounds that it gives various elating exercises that are best for yourself as well as your loved ones. You get to partake in the recreation area’s dazzling energies and yell your lungs out from the thrilling rides and swings presented here.

Attractions at Joyland Entertainment mecca Rawalpindi

There are numerous attractions at Joyland event congregation in Rawalpindi that will keep you engaged for quite a long time. From rides to food, there is something for everybody at the recreation area. Here are only a few attractions you can find at Joyland park. There are various rides accessible at Joyland park, going from roller coasters to more family-accommodating choices. Whether you need to go on a thrill ride or take a relaxed ride through the recreation area, it depends on you. Notwithstanding the open air rides, there are additionally a few indoor thrilling rides.

Joyland Rawalpindi
Joyland Rawalpindi

In the event that you are making the rounds with kids, there is unpleasant without eating. There are likewise various cafés accessible at Joyland park, so you can eat in the middle between attractions. Guests can likewise track down slows down of different things and trinkets.

On the off chance that this was sufficiently not, Joyland Rawalpindi Park partakes in a spot near other renowned attractions in Rawalpindi, for example, the Military green, Ayub Public Park, and Topi Rakh hall. It is an incredible chance to visit this multitude of spots that are inside strolling distance of one another. You can likewise recruit a taxi or nearby cart to visit these spots. Dissimilar to numerous other event congregations, Joyland Rawalpindi Pakistan has two open Parking garages to rapidly oblige the vehicles.

Exciting rides

There are many energizing and attractive rides at the amusement park in Rawalpindi. A wide range of rides are accessible for grown-ups, youngsters, and experience searchers. There are likewise a great deal of rides inside. Continue to peruse to know every one of the terrific and awesome rides at Joyland Rawalpindi Park.

Assume you’re searching for a few tomfoolery rides to appreciate while at Joyland park; fortune has smiled on you! There are many amazing options to look over. Here are only a couple of the most famous rides:

Pirate Boat

A Pirate transport is an entertainment fascination with an open, situated gondola that goes all over as a swing while you are thrashed around because of precise speed. A Pirate boat is a variety where you should pull on ropes to swing the ride.



All guests of Joyland Rawalpindi, Pakistan, can encounter a groundbreaking rush on this pendulum ride. Discovery riders feel the fervor of land and sky converging into one as they fly overwhelmed with passion through the twin swinging and turning movements while suspended from an above pivot. The deck breakdowns, Discovery releases its rage, and daredevils are gone on the outing of their lives.

To guarantee the wellbeing of riders, they are secured utilizing over-the-shoulder wellbeing tackles. Riders are spun in a ceaseless circle while the whole ride is pushed to and fro, delivering sentiments that should be felt to be accepted.

Horror House

This exemplary ride is ideally suited for the people who love a decent panic. Board on the buggy and investigate the creepy house, experiencing apparitions, demons, and other spooky astonishments en route. The repulsiveness house is so frightening a result of the faint lighting, shadows, and long lengths of dimness; riding it is comparably unnerving as taking a walk around the burial ground.

XD Adventure

The XD Dim Ride transports you on a vivid excursion. Another exemplary ride takes you on a bold adventure with a 3D screen, laser weapons, other intelligent elements, and a lot of exciting bends in the road. You might encounter the breeze in your hair and the earth moving underneath you as up to 8 riders can fight for the most elevated score.

Scaled down Train Rides for Youngsters

The train rides for youngsters are likewise an extremely engaging fascination in Joyland. It takes the youthful riders through the recreation area and allows them to partake in all that is accessible in the recreation area. It is kid-accommodating on the grounds that it keeps a sluggish speed reasonable for youngsters. This ride is ideal for families with little kids. Jump on board a boat and excursion through various scenes around the recreation area.

Scaled down Thrill ride

The scaled down thrill ride in the recreation area is a little entertainment ride. Exciting rides are alarming, however they are exceptionally protected entertainment rides well known with numerous youthful travelers in Joyland.

Kids Vehicle

Insane vehicle rides, called Sorcery vehicle rides, are well known kid-accommodating carnival rides in Joyland Park that give a wonderful point of view and a pleasant encounter.

Kids Vehicle
Kids Vehicle

Free Fall

The Free Fall in the recreation area satisfies each youngster’s longing to direct their airplane. The six exemplary style planes can each oblige two grown-ups and two or four youngsters.


This youngster accommodating fascination flaunts a smooth octopus-like movement. Very much like in the films, each plane takes off each in turn. The planes then, at that point, advance vertical and dive toward the earth. Offspring of any age appreciate and find this ride energizing as a result of its extraordinarily smooth movement.

Octopus Ride

This ride has twenty minimal orange lodges at the finishes of five arms of the octopus, joined to a focal pivot and turning openly. The arms additionally go all over haphazardly. Riders can completely submerge themselves in the fervor of the twists, ups, and downs on this ride, which seems like an euphoric octopus in the sea.


Frisbee Ride

The Frisbee ride is one more awesome expansion to the considerable rundown of exciting rides at Joyland entertainment mecca Rawalpindi. It is a specific sort of pendulum entertainment ride with a rotatable, round gondola that swings to and fro. Riders are situated on the gondola confronting outward and partake in the excitement that could only be described as epic.


Bouncy house

A fun palace, bobbing house, or inflatable bouncer has turned into a very popular draw at events like fairs, magnanimous occasions, and unique action days. A must-pursue each youngster reveres jumping about on the swelled floor of a fun palace or sliding down an inflatable slide.


A tagada is a kind of entertainment ride accessible in many parks. Without safety belts or different restrictions, you sit in a round bowl. You need to take hold of bars that are behind you. The riders go all over as the rollercoaster pivots and play music.



It is a Carousel on quickly moving bins suspended on links. Be cautious with your mobile phones when you are on the rides that tumble. On a track that slants up on the two sides, they likewise have a little exciting ride that returns and forward.

The Capital Eye

This ride is a sizable Ferris wheel that gradually spins, giving you a higher point of view of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Individuals from the two urban areas come here in tremendous numbers to encounter the fabulous view.

You will likewise find the swings, little green, paddling boats, and dodging automobiles to be wonderful low-force side interests.

Indoor Games for Youngsters

There are numerous indoor fun exercises in Joyland Rawalpindi that you can partake in for added amusement, for example,

5D Films
XD Experience
VR Exciting ride
Drive around

Clean Climate

The awe-inspiring area of the recreation area and its tidiness make you return over and over. There are dustbins all around the recreation area to guarantee no junk in the strolling or sitting region. The washrooms and hand washing region are additionally quite spotless. Presently it is your obligation to utilize it appropriately and keep it clean so others can likewise utilize it without any problem.

Food road

Whether you need a speedy tidbit or a formal dinner, there is something for everybody at the recreation area. A few food express areas are situated all through Joyland Rawalpindi. The best foods are exactly what your soul should be reestablished for a wonderful encounter after the adrenaline-siphoning rides. Joyland has everything in one spot for anything that taste you’re longing for — zesty, harsh, appetizing, or those mouthwateringly sweet flavors. Now is the ideal time to twofold your pleasure!

Huge Space for Stopping

Albeit the recreation area is situated in the focal point of the city, it actually has a huge stopping region. The recreation area has an enormous parking garage obliging vehicles and 4×4 vehicles. The recreation area has sufficient room to sort out little gatherings and parties. Ensure you leave shrewdly and let others leave their vehicles easily.

Joyland Ticket Cost

There are three sorts of tickets for Joyland Rawalpindi. At the passage entryway, you should pay Rs. 30 for each individual. To partake in every one of the open air rides, you should get a wristband of Rs 450; or on the other hand, to partake in every one of the indoor and open air rides, with the exception of a couple of computer games and screens, the wristband costs Rs. 700.

They likewise have school, birthday, and business bundles with decreased cost, so email them right on time to benefit of these open doors.

Joyland Timings

The recreation area is open for guests from 09:00 AM To 10:00 PM. During this time, families, understudies, and everyone can come and partake in the fascination in the recreation area.

Joyland Area and Contact Data

To get to Joyland Rawalpindi, you should head to Ayub Park, cross the primary entryway and turn left where Ayub Park’s limit closes.


Joyland is an incredible spot to go through a day with loved ones. It has numerous attractions for individuals, everything being equal, to appreciate, for example, the capital eye, the tagada, the cyclone, the loathsomeness house, the privateer’s boat, and considerably more. There are likewise a couple of eateries and shops situated inside the recreation area. Anything that your advantages, there will clearly be something for you at Joyland carnival Rawalpindi. So come on down and partake in all that the recreation area brings to the table!


How much is the ticket for Joyland Rawalpindi?

In Joyland Rawalpindi, you should pay a passage ticket of Rs. 70. The cost of each and every ride is unique and ordinarily lies between Rs. 80-150. You can likewise purchase a wristband to partake in every one of the rides however many times as you like. To get the band, you really want to pay 700 Rs.

How old is Joyland?

Joyland Rawalpindi Pakistan is another expansion to the rundown of parks in the city. However, you will be astounded to see the recreation area’s range of rides and uniqueness.

Does Joyland acknowledge cards?

Indeed, it acknowledges cards as well as money installments.