Safari Resort Skardu

Safari Resort Soq Kachura, settled on the banks of the tranquil Kachura Lake in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, is a pleasant sanctuary that offers an ideal mix of regular excellence and rural appeal. This charming hotel is encircled by the superb pinnacles of the Karakoram Reach, giving visitors stunning perspectives and a peaceful climate that is great for unwinding and revival. The hotel’s novel area by the lake adds a mystical touch to the stay, with the completely clear waters mirroring the dazzling scenes and making a quiet feel.

The facilities at Safari Resort Soq Kachura are insightfully intended to fit with the normal environmental factors, offering visitors comfortable and agreeable lodgings that highlight conventional engineering with present day conveniences. Each room and cabin gives all encompassing perspectives on the lake and mountains, permitting visitors to submerge themselves in the magnificence of Skardu from the solace of their facilities. The retreat likewise offers a scope of outside exercises, remembering sailing for Kachura Lake, traveling in the close by slopes, and investigating the rich social legacy of the Skardu district.

Eating at the Safari Resort Soq Kachura is an involvement with itself, with an eatery that serves various neighborhood and global cooking styles, all ready with new, nearby fixings. Visitors can partake in their feasts while disregarding the lake, making for an extraordinary eating experience that supplements the normal charm of the hotel. Whether you’re looking for a daring escape or a serene retreat in the core of nature, Safari Resort Soq Kachura guarantees a remarkable stay in the midst of the unrivaled magnificence of Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan.

Safari Resort Soq Kachura, otherwise called Shangrila Resort soq kachura, is a lavish lodging and resort situated in the Kachura Town of the Skardu Locale in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The retreat is settled in the midst of the absolute most gorgeous regular scenes in the area, offering dynamite perspectives on the Lower Kachura Lake and the encompassing pinnacles of the Karakoram mountain range.

Safari Resort soq kachura

The hotel was established in 1983 and is frequently alluded to as “Paradise on The planet” because of its amazing magnificence and quiet climate. It brags a novel mix conventional and present day engineering, with comfortable, very much named cabins and visitor rooms that offer every one of the conveniences of a top of the line resort while as yet keeping a natural enchant that mixes amicably with the general climate.

A particular element of Safari Resort Kachura is its café, which is set in the fuselage of an airplane that crashed close by during the 1950s. This adds an interesting and entrancing component to the hotel’s now striking setting.

The hotel offers a scope of exercises for visitors to appreciate, from sailing on the perfect Kachura Lake, to journeying and investigating the normal excellence of the encompassing district. For those looking for unwinding, the quiet, pleasant environmental factors give the ideal setting to loosen up.

Whether you’re a traveler hoping to investigate the rough magnificence of Gilgit-Baltistan, or you’re looking for a quiet escape in the midst of tranquil scenes, Safari Resort Kachura offers an important encounter that consolidates extravagance, solace, and remarkable regular excellence.

The Extravagant Conveniences of Safari Resort Skardu

Safari Resort, otherwise called Shangrila Resort Skardu, offers a great many sumptuous conveniences intended to guarantee an agreeable and paramount stay for its visitors. These conveniences take care of various requirements and inclinations, whether you’re searching for unwinding, experience, or a touch of both.

The hotel offers a scope of convenience choices, from luxurious rooms and suites to private cabins. Each room is very much selected with agreeable decorations, present day conveniences, and confidential overhangs or patios that proposition dazzling perspectives on the encompassing scenes.

The retreat includes a one of a kind, flight themed café set in the fuselage of a crashed airplane. It offers a different menu of nearby and global foods. The hotel likewise has a bistro for relaxed eating and drinks.

Visitors approach various sporting exercises. They can appreciate sailing on the Lower Kachura Lake, go on nature strolls, or participate in fishing. The hotel can likewise set up for directed journeying and touring visits in the encompassing area.

Occasion Spaces:
For visitors hoping to have occasions, the hotel offers occasion spaces reasonable for a scope of events, from corporate retreats to weddings.

Safari Resort gives a scope of administrations to guarantee the solace of its visitors. These incorporate room administration, clothing, Wi-Fi, and transportation courses of action to and from the air terminal.

Picturesque Magnificence:
Past the actual conveniences, one of the retreat’s most rich contributions is its area itself. Settled in the midst of the stunning excellence of the Kachura Lake and encompassed by the eminent Karakoram mountain range, the hotel offers an encounter of quiet magnificence and serenity that is in itself an extravagance.

With its mix of agreeable facilities, differed feasting choices, sporting exercises, and outstanding administrations, all set against the scenery of quite possibly of the most lovely scene in the locale, Safari Resort Kachura offers a rich retreat for its visitors.

Arranging Your Visit to Safari Resort Skardu

While arranging a visit to the Safari Resort, otherwise called Shangrila Resort Skardu, there are a few interesting points for a critical encounter.

Best Opportunity to Visit:

The best chance to visit the Safari Resort is from April to October when the climate in Skardu is lovely, and every one of the offices at the retreat are completely functional.


The retreat is situated around 35 km from Skardu Air terminal. The hotel can set up for air terminal pick-ups and drop-offs, or you can employ a taxi.

Booking Facilities:

The hotel offers various kinds of convenience going from fancy rooms and suites to private houses. Try to book ahead of time, particularly during top travel seasons.

Dinners and Feasting:

The hotel’s café offers various neighborhood and worldwide foods. Make sure to specify any dietary limitations or extraordinary solicitations at the hour of booking.

Plan Exercises:

The hotel offers different sporting exercises. These remember drifting for Kachura Lake, journeying, and touring visits. Prepare of time to take full advantage of your visit.

Pack Suitably:

Skardu’s weather conditions can change rapidly, so it’s smart to pack layers and appropriate apparel for both warm and cold circumstances. Remember your bathing suit assuming you anticipate sailing or fishing, and open to strolling shoes for traveling or touring.

Regard the Climate:

The hotel is situated in a shocking regular habitat. Be deferential of nature, abstain from littering, and attempt to limit your ecological effect during your visit.

A stay at the Safari Resort Kachura offers a special mix of extravagance and nature. With legitimate preparation, you can guarantee that your visit to this delightful hotel is a vital one.


All in all, Safari Resort, otherwise called Shangrila Resort Skardu, situated in Kachura, offers a novel mix of regular excellence, quietness, and rich conveniences. Settled in the midst of the amazing scenes of the Skardu district and neglecting the tranquil Kachura Lake, the hotel gives an outstanding retreat to explorers looking for both experience and unwinding.

From agreeable facilities, different eating choices, to a plenty of sporting exercises, each part of the retreat is intended to guarantee a noteworthy encounter. Its area additionally fills in as an optimal base to investigate the different attractions in the Skardu district.

With cautious preparation and a receptive outlook to investigate and regard the nearby traditions and climate, a visit to the Safari Resort Kachura can be a genuinely enhancing and remarkable experience. Whether you’re hoping to submerge yourself in nature, look for experiences, or essentially loosen up in rich environmental factors, Safari Resort Kachura offers everything.

Oftentimes Sought clarification on pressing issues

Where is Safari Resort kachura Soq found?
Safari Resort soq kachura is situated in Skardu, in the Gilgit-Baltistan locale of northern Pakistan.

What compels Safari Resort kachura interesting?
Safari Resort Soq Kachura stands apart for its rich facilities set in the core of nature, fantastic cooking, and a large number of exercises, all upheld by extraordinary help.

What is the best opportunity to visit Safari Resort kachura skardu?
The best opportunity to visit Safari Resort soq kachura skardu is throughout the mid year months, from May to September.

What conveniences are accessible at Safari Resort kachura skardu?
Safari Resort kachura offers sumptuous facilities, an eatery serving different foods, and a scope of exercises like directed journeying visits and huge fire nights.

Is it protected to visit Safari Resort Soq?
Indeed, Safari Resort Soq is a protected and famous traveler objective. The retreat takes incredible consideration to guarantee the wellbeing and solace of every one of its visitors.