Skardu Cascade

Skardu Cascade, otherwise called Manthokha Cascade, is a tremendous regular fascination situated in the Kharmang Valley, a short drive from the town of Skardu in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan.

Skardu Cascade

The cascade is one of the tallest and most gorgeous in the nation, flowing down from a level of around 180 feet (55 meters) and encompassed by staggering, rough scenes. The unmistakable mountain water dives down the rough precipice into a pool underneath, making a quiet and beautiful setting that is a number one among nature sweethearts and photographic artists.

Guests to the Skardu Cascade can partake in the reviving splash of the water, the relieving sound of the cascade, and the stunning view that encompasses it. The cascade region is likewise furnished with fundamental offices for guests, including a little café serving neighborhood food.

Whether you’re visiting for the wonderful regular landscape, to take staggering photographs, or essentially to partake in a cookout in a tranquil setting, Skardu Cascade offers a noteworthy encounter. Its area close to Skardu likewise makes it a helpful stop for those meeting different attractions nearby, for example, the Skardu Post, the Virus Desert, or the Deosai Public Park.

The Excellence of Skardu Cascade

The Skardu Cascade, otherwise called Manthokha Cascade, is an encapsulation of normal magnificence, offering a serene and picturesque retreat. Its magnificence lies in the actual cascade as well as in the staggering environmental factors that add to its general charm.

The Cascade:
The Skardu Cascade is perhaps of the tallest cascade in Pakistan, flowing down from a level of around 180 feet. Seeing the unmistakable, shining water tumbling down the rough precipice and into the pool beneath is without a doubt entrancing. The flowing water adds to the serene mood.

The Landscape:
The cascade is encircled by an emotional scene of transcending mountains, verdant fields, and rough landscape. This setting, joined with the cascade, makes a pleasant display that is a treat for the eyes and a help for picture takers.

Evolving Seasons:
The magnificence of the Skardu Cascade changes with the seasons, each offering a remarkable encounter. In spring and summer, the encompassing scene is lavish and green, though, in harvest time, it transforms into a mob of varieties. In winter, the cascade could try and freeze, transforming into a fabulous ice development.

One of the most engaging parts of Skardu Cascade is its quietness. Away from the hurrying around of city life, it’s where guests can unwind, absorb the regular excellence, and partake in the relieving hints of the cascade.

Regardless of its rustic area, the cascade is effectively open, and the offices like a little eatery close by add to the comfort for guests.

The Skardu Cascade, with its flowing waters and dazzling environmental factors, for sure offers an encounter of normal magnificence at its best. It’s where guests can associate with nature, catch awesome photos, and make vital encounters.

Arranging Your Visit to Skardu Cascade

Arranging a visit to Skardu Cascade, or Manthokha Cascade, includes considering a few elements to guarantee a compensating experience.

This is the way you can design your visit:

Best Opportunity to Visit:
The cascade can be visited consistently, however the best time is from April to October when the weather conditions is typically wonderful. The mid year months are great for seeing the cascade in its full brilliance.

Skardu Cascade is situated around 78 km south-east of Skardu, in the Kharmang Valley. It’s effectively available by street and can be reached by taxi or confidential vehicle. The excursion offers wonderful grand perspectives en route.

Length of Visit:
Plan to put in a couple of hours at the cascade. This will give you sufficient opportunity to partake in the landscape, take photos, and loosen up in the quiet climate.

What to Bring:
Remember your camera! The cascade and the encompassing scene offer magnificent photograph open doors. Likewise think about bringing tidbits and water, as well as a cookout cover in the event that you intend to eat outside.

Dress as per the climate. In the event that you’re visiting in the late spring, light dress is reasonable, however make sure to carry a cap and sunscreen to safeguard against the sun. In the cooler months, comfortable attire is suggested.

Directed Visits:
Directed visits from Skardu to the cascade are accessible and can be a decent choice in the event that you don’t really want to coordinate the outing yourself.

Close by Attractions:
In the event that you have time, think about visiting different attractions in the Skardu region, for example, the Skardu Stronghold, Natural Town Skardu, or the lovely Satpara Lake.

Make sure to regard the common habitat during your visit. Convey any loss with you, and try not to upset the nearby natural life. Your visit to Skardu Cascade can be an important piece of your excursion, offering a mix of normal excellence and serenity.


The Skardu Cascade is a demonstration of the unmatched normal excellence that Pakistan’s northern district holds. It offers a one of a kind mix of peacefulness and greatness, making it a must-visit spot for those investigating the charming scenes of Skardu.

Habitually Sought clarification on some pressing issues

Where is Skardu Cascade found?
Skardu Cascade is situated close to the city of Skardu, in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of northern Pakistan.

Why is Skardu Cascade remarkable?
Skardu Cascade is extraordinary for its amazing magnificence set in the midst of rough bluffs and rich vegetation. The experience of seeing the water flowing down the stones gives a reviving break from the dry sloping landscape.

What is the best opportunity to visit Skardu Cascade?
The best chance to visit Skardu Cascade is throughout the mid year months, from May to September.

What would it be a good idea for me to bring to Skardu Cascade?
You ought to wear agreeable shoes reasonable for rough ways, and you should bring an overcoat or umbrella on the off chance that you intend to draw near to the cascade.

Is it protected to visit Skardu Cascade?
Indeed, Skardu Cascade is a protected objective for sightseers. Be that as it may, it’s fitting to be cautious around the cascade, as the stones can be elusive.